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Services can be provided jointly by Backwater Psychotherapy and 60 Plus.


In our current society, work plays a central part in our identity, our place in society and even many times our place in the family. What happens when our years of formal work come to an end?

Modern societies are encountering difficulty in addressing this question, thus raising the degrees of uncertainty and misorientation to the experience of those facing this stage in their lives.

Currently more and more people seek to continue feeling up-to-date, wish to stay active, pursue their interests and extend their working activity. All this means that people reaching retirement age are posing questions requiring answers different to the traditional ones about their personal, family, occupational and leisure development.  

​Supplementing the appropriate tools from Coaching and Psychotherapy, during sessions which may sometimes welcome family members we assist the detection and pondering about those aspects which are critical for a satisfactory future life.

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